So how about taking the moment to discover some tips on how to leverage your investment advice? In this post, we raise some points that should be considered so that you can win new clients and make your office grow.

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The first step to boost your results is to evaluate the business and improve business management . Remember that positive investment industry indicators are not enough to guarantee everyone’s success. You have to prepare to take advantage of opportunities.

So, start by evaluating what you already have on offer and how the market is doing in your area. Doing market research, as well as target audience and niche research, for example, is very useful to understand what can be optimized.

Also, look closely at your business details. What is your business plan? Does it present the best conditions to follow the evolution of the consumer market? Can changes be made to attract more customers?

Be sure to also evaluate your qualification to work in the area. More qualified investment advisors are able to better serve and retain those who seek them. Thus, it is worth investing in your own qualification through participation in courses, events, obtaining new certifications for AAI, etc.


After assessing the current situation of your business, it’s time to plan to leverage investment advice. Consider the positives and negatives that emerged in the previous step and start setting goals .

Having specific goals is one way to keep your business on a prosperous path. That is, just thinking about the goal of “conquering more customers” does not offer you the conditions to achieve great achievements.

It’s best to consider the specifics of your plans and set challenging yet realistic goals. So, think about what you want for the future and see how you can work towards realizing your goals.

Don’t forget to track the goals. For each one of them, there must be an action plan and indicators that make it possible to analyze what is happening and what needs to be changed. In this way, you can organize your efforts.


If the demand for investments is growing, it is also to be expected that new professionals and companies will emerge to handle the growing demand, right? In this case, it is worth asking: what are your differentials?

The public seeks professionals who produce value. That is, it is not enough to understand about investments and be qualified in the area. It is also necessary to know how to respond to the pain and help solve the problems of your potential customers.

The path is to offer differentials and make it clear that the value produced by your investment advisory is more attractive than that of others.

After all, how to present competitive differentials without analyzing the specificities of the people you intend to serve? Consider the strategy of defining a niche market . Thus, it is easier to approach people and serve them exclusively.

The service offered by an AAI specializing in qualified investors will be very different from one that focuses on new investors, right? Everything changes: the way of communicating with the public, the main activities, the differentials, etc.


Regardless of your niche, you need to be able to win over the customer . Anyone looking for him should be satisfied with the quality and, of course, with the financial results achieved. Satisfaction builds customer loyalty and leads them to recommend your services.

Talking about the financial results achieved by the people assisted is a sensitive point. After all, it involves expectations that will not always be real. Therefore, consider transparency as an indispensable value in the work of AAI.

The client must always be guided about the expected movements for his portfolio. Someone who allocates most of his capital to fixed income, for example, needs to know that his income will be limited by the absence of greater risks.

Someone who has a moderate or bold portfolio needs guidance on volatility and the possibility of loss — as well as the measures taken to seek greater security in the choices.

Care like the ones we mentioned increase the customer’s trust in you. Evidently, trusting the professional who helps to take care of the heritage is essential. Therefore, always ensure a good relationship with your customers.


Finally, we have a fundamental tip in times of the internet : digital marketing. Other offline marketing strategies can also be interesting and bring you results, but be sure to have an online presence.

Much of the dissemination of information on personal finance and investments in recent years in our country is due to the increase in websites , blogs and YouTube channels on the subject.

As a result, people also look for professionals on the internet to advise them on their choices. Imagine someone who researched how to invest in the stock market. She accesses a website with relevant information about it and, at the end, sees the contact of an advisor.

What would be most expected? That she tended to hire him or that she sought the services of others? The first option, right?

This is the logic of so-called content marketing: your online presence by disseminating information allows you to be better known and attract customers.

Something fundamental in content marketing is authority. Showing that you understand the subject attracts consumers to your services. However, it is also necessary to think further. Digital marketing involves specific knowledge — for example, persona, SEO and Google positioning.

Therefore, it may make sense to have a specialized service to help your investment advisory stand out in the market and attract new clients to your base.

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