Top 6 free email marketing automation tools (Open source)

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To save you from drowning your time and yourself in the flood of search results for the best and free email marketing automation, we have already shortlisted the top 6 free and open-source marketing automation software, which can help you in shaping the future of your business. So, don鈥檛 stay confused anymore and put your focus on choosing the best among this 6 software mentioned below聽 :

Top 6 free and open-source marketing automation software

MAUTIC – Open Source marketing automation tool

free marketing automation tool

This open-source marketing automation software will help you understand businesses, streamline, and expand the business effectively. You can create attractive landing pages, personalized emails, and interactive workflows for wonderful customer experiences through Mautic. By tracking your marketing activities in聽 Mautic you can measure the results and make informed decisions for the future.

You can automate the process of capturing and nurturing leads generated from inquiry forms, landing pages, and submission of a call to action. The automated system handles that valuable information and sends out emails, text messages, and web notifications to the visitors for increasing conversions. Now, that is truly automated.

MailChimp – All-in-one marketing platform for small business

free marketing automation tool

MailChimp has played an incredible role by facilitating businesses with customized automated email marketing options. This open-source marketing automation software helps you to create, execute, and analyze email campaigns. You can also manage your email subscribers, track emails, and measure results in terms of email open rate and click-through rate.

MailChimp provides ready-made email templates. So, creating appealing email templates is not required anymore now. You can use it to create professionally designed personalized emails for your customers. The free version of MailChimp allows 12,000 emails/month for a maximum of 2000 subscribers. That is a great deal right here.

OpenEMM – Open Source Platform for Email Marketing

OpenEmm free Email Marketing tool

For email and marketing automation OpenEMM is the best option to look at. Starting from creating & sending emails to evaluating results you can also launch successful email marketing campaigns.

This automated email marketing tool also helps in scheduling emails for any future date or event, so that you can focus on other business-oriented tasks. You can even organize and manage your leads using its easy user interface available in various languages like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.

OpenEMM has a content management extension that can also manage HTML mail templates, content modules, and module types. Does it sound like time-saving?

DRIP – Email and SMS marketing for growing ecommerce brands.

drip-email and sms marketing for ecommere business.jpg

Drip helps you in building attractive email templates and launching successful email marketing templates. This open-source marketing automation software also automates workflows and processes, so that you don鈥檛 miss sending important information to your customers. Customized Facebook ads, personalized landing pages, text messages, and more can be created for marketing your store by Drip.

Drip enables you to track the complete journey of your customers and access comprehensive insights into their behavior which can help you in taking actions working towards enhancing the experience and ultimately improving sales. By sending personalized recommendations to your customers based on their browsing and purchasing history. That is really helpful for many businesses.


sales autopiliot free email marketing automation tool

If you are looking for the best automating sales and business processes without any coding involved then SalesAutopilot is the one for you. This open-source marketing automation software automatically captures inquiries, leads, and orders from the website. It has its own landing page editor to help you in designing appealing landing pages to encourage high conversions.

SalesAutopilot gives you the best setup of a quick payment system without coding knowledge. By allowing people to fill up the forms on the website using their Facebook login details. It also helps companies in accepting payments on their website through credit/debit cards.

It integrates with the billing software you are using, making it easier for you to maintain accounts. Its integration with the billing software helps in automating the task of sending invoices instantly.

SalesAutopilot has in-built sales-CRM and so it can segment customers based on their geographical location and their buying behavior. This segmentation capability of the software makes it easier to send personalized texts to the customer. Does that sound cool?


InTouchCRM聽 – The only CRM you need for email marketing.

intouchcrm for free email marketing

InTouch CRM helps you to communicate regularly with your existing and prospective customers and let them know about your new product offerings. This open-source marketing automation software integrated web forms allow you to capture more leads from your website and social media pages.

It has an inbuilt text message marketing software that allows you to send text messages to your prospects and customers instantly. The automated marketing campaigns allow you to approach cold leads, while your sales team is busy targeting the hot leads.

InTouch allows you to set up surveys that can help you identify the areas of improvement and requirements of your target audience. Also, you can set up important tasks and reminders using InTouchCRM鈥檚 inbuilt calendar. So, take a look for sure.

Hope our recommendations were helpful to you.

If you still need some more power for marketing your business, you can explore the paid marketing automation software like Hubspot CRM, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, and LeadSquared. Such software having advanced features can make your business run more smoothly. All software have their own features which are meant to achieve higher goals for the businesses.

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