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About Keyword Position Checker

Give a try to our free Keyword Position Checker to check the keyword rank in Google ranking. Simply enter the domain name, keywords, and search engine. Lastly, click on the blue ‘Check Position’ button. And you’re done!

Is Your Seo Data-driven?

You need to operate in a data-driven manner, in order to compete effectively for top positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can not continue your optimization without being intelligent.

One of the most important data to know is that what is your website's position in SERPs for the keywords that you're targeting.

You cannot know that without using a Keyword Position Checker.

About Keyword Position Checker By tools4startup

Keyword Position Checker is a tool that is used to find out the position of a website or URL in the search engine (especially,, Google) for a given keyword in competition with the other websites for the same exact keyword.

For instance, if you run a website about cars, you may want to know what position that website at present holds on Google for the keyword “luxury cars.”

Our keyword rank tool displays this information for FREE at absolutely no cost or fuss! The tool is fast and easy to use. Our free keyword rank tool is extremely trustworthy and effective.

What Is A Keyword Position?

The exact definition of a keyword position is that it is the rank or rung that a website holds in the search engines, in comparison to the other competing websites, for a particular keyword.

All SEO-savvy website owners or marketers always aim to get and maintain any of the highly demanded top 3 positions in SERPs. For this, you must know the position of all websites on the web. This will help you plan and execute an effective SEO strategy to get to your goals.

Although it is time consuming, but with small steps and efforts, you will definitely reach your destination. You just need to start right away!

So the first step is to find out your ranking position. This keyword position Checker is designed for you for this purpose only.

Guide To Use The Keyword Position Checker By tools4startup

Using this tool is pretty simple.

You don't need to be an expert in the field or have the technical experience to use this tool.

Here are the five basic steps to follow:

Step #1: Scroll up to the spaces provided for entering your data on this page (https://tools4startup.com/keyword-position-checker/) where you are right now.

Step #2: On the “Your domain” space provided, enter your URL (or that of your competitor). This way you will check the ranking of any website.

Step #3: Now select the Google search engine where you want to check the position. The default search engine is Google.com. But you can also select other Google TLDs (top-level domain), based on your target country.

Step #4: Enter the keywords whose positions you want to check in the “Your keywords” space. You can enter up to 20 keywords per check in our online rank checker. However, ensure that you enter only one keyword per line.

Step #5: Lastly, click on “Check Position” to run your check.

Our well-built, advanced algorithm will give you the results within a few seconds.

The result will be displayed something like this-

The above screenshot shows tools4startup.com ranking #2 for the keyword “keyword position.”

You will have a better idea of the competition around the keywords that you're targeting. You can also know how you can work to reach your aim.

How Does The Keyword Position Tool Work?

This is a search engine ranking tool. It scans through search engine results for the keyword/phrase you entered to determine the rank held by a particular website for the given set of keywords.

If it shows “2” in the results, that means the website entered currently sits at the #2 position on Google in the selected country. If it says “100,” it means position #100.

If you're not happy with your site's position on SERPs, you may read our SEO blog for the best ideas and latest updates. We will tell you how to rank better on search engines like Google and others.

You should also definitely do the following:

  • Publish quality content regularly
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Always perform keyword research
  • Carry out SEO audits on your website from time to time
  • Optimize your content for RankBrain. RankBrain is, for your information, the third most important Google ranking signal.

And more.