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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap is a list of URLs of your website that allows you to include additional information and help as a index for crawler. XML also known as extensible mark-up language. A XML sitemap is used by search engines and they list those urls on their search results.

Following are some important points by which we can know how XML sitemap is special: -

  • By Default the site is not well-structured and not well-linked that is interlinks.
  • If the site is newly lauched and doesn’t have good number of external links.
  • Web pages created as they are present on the eCommerce websites.
  • Best Sitemaps are working like a roadmap to the website that leads search engines.
  • XML sitemaps used for search engine optimization.
  • Even after the bad internal linking, they allow google and other search engines to find pages of your website.
  • It will be useful for establishing you as the source of the content. When the piece of the content is published. But later, it will be copied and published elsewhere.
  • One of the main points for being important is very easy to use and a user-friendly tool.

XML is a perfect tool for describing data as well as useful for defining other languages. The XML sitemap generator is a practical tool that is important as well. There are so many benefits that we get by adding the sitemap generated. One of the best use is for good ranking. Some websites offer this tool free of cost. This tool allows you to create a sitemap with almost 500 pages, default priorities, and various changes in frequencies. It can also use in WordPress or any other site builder. This tool helps you to count the total number of pages as well as the indexed pages on your website. Some more uses of XML are it gives you the information like when the pages were last updated, how often it changes, how it relates to other URLs in the site, its level of importance to the overall site, etc.

XML Sitemap Generator tool is one of the easiest way to generate XML sitemaps for your site. Even, if you update your site frequently and use CMS platform then using our XML sitemap generator to create sitemaps is the best and fastest way to do it. It is a manual process but it creates a well structures XML sitemap. Our tool can crawl a whopping 5000 pages of your website. It does not your feed URL to generate the XML sitemap. It follows the links of website and crawls all the links within the website to give the best SEO optimized XML sitemap.

In this growing world of e-commerce everyone wants to be on the top of the search results so that he/she can earn more customers through their frequent visitors. An xml site map is a way to get best seo results.