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About Word Counter

Word counter is an important element as it counts how many words are there in a particular article. Naturally, it is impossible to count words in a lengthy article, however, this free SEO tool can count a number of words in your article. It also tells the total character count. Copy-paste the text and click on the "count word" button and the tool will count the word and characters of the text you provided. The best part of this tools is that whether you want to count words in Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, English, Japanese, or any language, you can use this software for all languages.

In blog articles, there is no limit to the number of words that can increase its ranking in Google Search results. There is a miconception among various people that useful articles must be in range of specified number of words. But, this is not so.

Shorter articles can be more valuable as compared to longer articles if they are written in your own words and do not copy paste the content from Internet or somewhere else. If a particular article can be written in 200 words, never use 500 words to write that article. Use this word counter tool whenever you need to know the number of words in your article, however, word count is not as important as you might think in web content.