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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Here are the best free Pagespeed Insights Checker or Google Page Speed test tool online for your personal blog to find how your pages are performing regarding site speed test, that is affecting your site ranking. Every blog has to be only ranked in Google search results if it has a good speed to load. This was the previous updated of Google Penguin and Panda update that the content will be only ranked well in search results if have good unique content and the page speed of the webpage should be fast and this factor will be included in the site ranking algorithm. So from that time the speed of the pages are now well by all bloggers so only for the website to rank well in Google SER (Search Engine Ranking).

You may have noticed that if you visit a website that's pages are loading very fast and the site content is beautiful and sure to be in your choice then you will navigate from one page to other and you will find out that you will try to check all the pages of that website. That is the factor that the user engagement increase with the speed of the website. The fast speed of your website will also increase your Alexa rank also. You can check it free from Alexa Rank Checker tool free online.  Try another page speed checker tool.
Why we should use Google speed test?

The SEO tools checkers have designed more than 70+ SEO tools that are helping you in each aspect of your site need. Our tools are totally free and very efficient to test your whole site. Like other tools, Google speed tester is one of the most famous tools that is going to optimize your site speed.

 This tool we suggest you optimize the page according to the best speed optimization that is going to give you great help in ranking your site. Check your site Alexa rank to find, how much your site in the global website's positions. You may see that we only visit websites that give good user experience and have good speed. If a site takes more than a minute to load, we ignore it and jump to other links. This is the case we are looking to make our page to load very quickly by optimizing with Google page speed insights tool.
The best ways to Increase Google Page Speed:

The major negative impact of going visitor off to other website is “Bounce rate”. And this is a result of low-speed pages. If you make your page fast and load quickly, then the visitors will happy and the bounce rate will be very low.

You can do some change by the suggestions of this free website speed test google, and make your bounce rate low, and get good ranking.

The Page Speed Insights Checker Tools is here to find the issues to your website why it is loading lazy and what will be an effect of that on our website. This Pagespeed Insights Checker tool will reveal many things for you to rank well. you will have to enter the page URL of the website you want to check it speed test. Then click next. You will get 3 results in sequence.
How to increase your website speed?

If you are looking to increase your website speed, then read the recommendations and suggestions give by this free google page speed tool and try to optimize your page by yourself or hire some good developers to complete this task.  The first one is Page Speed Score that means how much your website is getting a score from 100 points.

And the next result Page Code Analysis will give you the insight of reason that is taking time to load very slow and making your website very lazy. The factor includes JavaScript's, CSS file, images, HTML and others. The other things are the mix factor that decreases your website speed.

The third result is the suggestion tool that will reveal what will you have to do if your website speed is slow. Page Optimization Suggestions are the things you will find to point out from your website to increase your website speed i.e that is saying that Optimize your website images, Leverage browser caching, Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content and bala bala.  Chekc your site cache by Google cache check tool, that may disturb your site speed. This is the best and free Alternative of Pingdom tools and gt matrix (Gtmetrix free by seotoolcheckers to give your website speed test in seconds.

The Page Speed Insights Checker Tools take fast speed Google like API's to enhance your website speed. Now try out best from the free Pagespeed Insights Checker at the start of this article.