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About Server Status Checker

This tool is used to check various issues relate to your website as it checks the status of the server. Enter upto 100 websites in the text area and it will show the HTTP status code and status for each website. Every server status code have a different meaning. Various server status with their meaning are given below:

1. 200: It means the status of your website is good and the server is returning the URL which you have requested.

2. 301: It means that the address of your website has moved permanently to a new address and all the domains as well as sub domains should be redirected to the new location.

3. 302: It means that a temporary redirection has been found by the server. This URL should be used again as it is only temporary.

4. 307: it is similar to 302.

5. 400: It means bad request. It means that the server is not unable to understand the URL you are requesting.

6. 401: Unauthorized access. 

7. 403: Forbidden it means that the server will not show you any content until you are authenticated to access that content.

8. 404: Not found. It frustates everyone when they get this error as we don't get the result which we are looking for which simply means that the file which you are looking for is not found on the server.

9. 410: It is similar to 404.

10. 500: Internal Server Error. This error frutrates the website owner, web developer as well as the person who is visiting the website as this error is related to the server and must be solved as soon as possible.

The tool's bulk URL checker capability makes it much better tool than any other on the internet.