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About Web Screen Resolution Simulator


It is a sophisticated tool which instantly checks how your website’s look at different web page screen size. Also, we can say it is a different resolution. There is a screen resolution like from 1600x1200 pixels to 160x160 pixels. The work of this tool starts after selecting the size of the screen resolution. This tool will provide facilities to the website owners and webmasters.

The use of this tool is for viewing the websites of different sizes by the website owners and make changes for it. It looks appealing from every angle or for the required resolution. It means this tool helps you in adjusting the resolution. So, it displays differently in different devices for the given screen resolution.

It is a simple tool that can use by anyone having a general knowledge of the internet. It helps a lot to new website owners for adjusting their screen resolution. We can use it in any type of device like a tablet, laptop, desktops, cellular devices, etc. Through this tool, one can examine the usability. It is especially useful for the tablet, mobile resolution.

Importance of website screen resolution tool

When we talk about the complete look of the website, then it plays an important role. As it is a crucial part of the finalized look of the website. Because when the screen size is not perfect. Then it will not attract any visitor. So, the user doesn’t want to use it. This can result in the degradation of the reputation of the website. One of the most common points, this is a time-saving tool. It completes this process in a small fraction of time. If the look of the website is perfect such that its screen resolution fits the screen of the device. Then the user can easily open the video, image, text. That is consistent with their devices. It helps the webmasters in making the website perfect so that the visitors or users come again and again. The Screen resolution simulator is useful. As it always tries to give wonderful new experiences to the user.

Whether you have made yor website for laptops, desktops, mobile phones you can check your website's usability. Just enter the URL of your website in the textbox provided and choose the resolution you want to try and hit enter. The results will be shown on a new page. This tool is very helpful when you are testing for mobile and tablet resolutions.